Alejandra, Mexico

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As the leader of Founder / President of Fundación CIMAB (Mexican Association against Breast Cancer) and its fight against Breast Cancer in Mexico, as well as a breast cancer survivor, I would like to take the opportunity of “The World Cancer Day” to emphasize on the importance of keeping a healthy lifestyle and doing sports.

There are numerous researches on healthy eating and limiting the alcohol intake in order to reduce the risk of Breast Cancer. We are exposed to a lot of basic information that can be extremely helpful if we decide to be open about it and introduce these very easy balanced diet ideas into our daily lives. We have seen major changes in our patients who start being active and start taking card of themselves after a cancer diagnosis and during treatment. As for myself - a terrible eater in my childhood and youth - I changed my choice of favorite dishes and although I was always very active, started practicing Tae Kwon Do five times a week. I feel strong and healthy after 16 years of having been diagnosed, and i know that the changes I have made in my life are paying off. I’m alive and I have a lot to do - through my foundation - for the women in my country where unfortunately 15 women die daily because of Breast Cancer.