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Living with a genetic predisposition to cancer

My name is Antonia, I would like to explain how my life is affected by cancer.

I acquired a long-term condition in 2006; Cowden’s Syndrome. Having Cowden’s means I have a neurological condition and a higher predisposition to developing breast, thyroid and endometrial cancers. I am currently studying on the Masters in Research course at Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh. I am researching the journey of an unemployed person who has a long-term health condition and the impact that creativity has on their life and job search. My education and life experience has helped me re-design my life and live with a genetic health condition. Before this course, I studied Fashion Design and then Careers Guidance. 

The skills I learnt at Art College have served me very well in adapting to looking for a job and having my condition. At the heart of both is identifying an issue to be solved and working out how best to do that, the same process I used when approaching a design brief. Creativity can often be seen only as the ability to create something that is nice to look at, use or wear. It is so much more than that. It helps you to seek and find solutions where those look hard to find.

 My project is called Confident and Informed. There will be a website live in the Spring, in the meantime my blog is live, this link will take you to it; https://v3.pebblepad.co.uk/spa/#/public/rMnyntMZZcbb5hMwpp8pqkMxdh?historyId=WOGSGvi6oF. I will be speaking at the Edinburgh University Neurology to Neuroscience conference on 18 February.