Binta, Nigeria

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My story is that my story is still being written.

My Mother died of cancer when I was 20. It was three weeks to my 21st birthday. It really hurt and it still does, that she died after so much of a battle. She had had several lumps in her breasts and several surgeries, eventually she had a hysterectomy and Chemotherapy and that didnt stop the cancer. I have had a silent scare since then, lurking. I felt that I was predispoed to having cancer for obvious reasons. Three or so years ago I had a mymectomy and after the fibroids were tested it was found that there was no trace of cancer in them. I just went to sleep and didn't bother screening or testing thereafter.

Late last year I saw a post of an old schoolmate of mine on Facebook. She shared her battle against cancer and started a blog and her own personal campaign against cancer. I sent her a private message not consoling her, but giving her words of what I thought were encouragement. She advised me to go get tested. Tt was October then. I kept postponing and postponing going.

Two days ago, I decided to go to a mammogram and cervical screening. I thought nothing of it, I sat down with my Ipad and played "dots", while I waited for my turn. The door exactly to my 9 o'clock had the sign "Chemo lounge" on it. I looked away, went over to the reception to make some enquiries. At the reception a lady who looked slightly older than me was asking the receptioninst about her bill. I wasnt really listening. I waited for her to be through and than I made my enquiries and went back to my seat to resume playing 'dots".

I saw the lady walk past me and go into the chemo lounge. She had a plaster on her hand as if she taken infusion or injection. Then I saw another lady and her daughters go in as well. They walked in ever so casually, laughing even. It was then it hit me. If the result of the tests I was waiting to do so non-chalantly came back 'not -so-good' or bad -my whole world change in an instant. I felt a tightening in my throat and discomfort. I couldn't play the game anymore. Fear gripped me. I thought of how my life would also affect my family and all my dreams! For that moment I had cancer, I felt it, I felt the cancer in the bodies of the two women- it was then I understood that they were fighters. Thefight that eyes cannot see. My classmate was a fighter and everyone who has had cancer is a fighter and a winner! I started planning my affairs in my mind et al.

The result for the mammogram came out yesterday. It was good. I await the other. I hope it is good. Whichever way it goes I have made up my mind to give support to the fight against cancer in anyway I can.

Thank you.