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On June 10, 2014 the day before my 44th birthday I was diagnosed with liver cancer, little did I know that it would be the first of two cancers within six months. The second cancer, Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma (NHL) would rear it's ugly head in November. I was treated for liver cancer with chemo embolization, which is pretty non-invasive. I also have a liver disease so I was slated to get a liver transplant from my sister after treatment however that was put on hold so that I could begin R-CHOP chemo treament for NHL. I endured chemotherapy treatments and doctors appointments all while I worked a full time job so that I could keep my Obamacare. It was a crazy rollercoaster ride with many ups and downs, some of which were humorous many of them not. Thankfully, I am in my second year of remission and I was inspired to write about my journey. "I'm Just Trying to Keep My Wig on Straight" is more than a personal tome, it is a "What to Expect When You're Expecting" guide for those going through cancer and chemo, it is also for those who are caregivers and family, and friends.

I would love to share my story somehow and get involved in helping others get through what is sure to be one of the toughest times of their lives.