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It's more than two years since I heard those dreaded words "you have cancer", which kicked off what could be the scariest ride of my life.  As a cartoonist I had to dig deep to see if there was a funny side to it, but my imagination failed me. However I kept a detailed journey of the ups and downs, the positives (yes) and negatives of the trip and afterwards I decided to write a book. It was cathartic at the time of writing but on completion I realised that other people could read my story and find comfort, courage and inspiration in it. So I gave it the title Keeping A Breast (because I was determined to) and self published it, as an e-book, on Amazon, learning that self publishing was just as challenging as beating cancer. I'm not here to tell you to buy the book but people have told me it's a good read and it tells my story in much more detail than I could tell it here. Blessings...