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The fourth of February is very a special day for me. I got my cancer diagnose on that day. The year was 2015. Also the same day in the year 2016 was special. I had my exhibition vernissage, Big Opening on that day in Tokyo. Here is the whole story of that year, which was turned to be the most important year of my life.


The story started on the 4th of Feb, when I heared that I have a huge 20 cm tumor in my ovary. This was horrible news enough but that was not all. On the same day I heared that I have lot of water in my right lung and also the left one had something black. The doctor said that it will be a hard Spring for me; first the sytostates and then the surgery.


The tumor was removed one month later, succesfully. The kanyl was taken away from my lungs, my lungs were healthy. When I woke up, I heard from the doctor that I should begin the sytostates after 5 weeks. I asked if I have a choice. No, she answered.


I thought I can have a choice, if not in Finland, somewhere else then. I found an alternative cancer clinic in Switzerland. That clinic based on antrosofistic health care using natural treatment. The main treatment for me was mistletoe therapy, which has been used by that clinic since 80 years. I got that nature preparation, made of mistletoe berries, intravenously. The treatment caused me a high fever. That was also the target because fever ia ment to be a boost for my own immune system. I had had no fever in 10 years. Many cancer patients do not have a fever.


I got also many natural vitamins and medications. They were given as injections and orally. The food was meant to be our medication also and it was mainly organic.


The personnel were engaged, friendly and loving. My doctor treated me as a human, not as a number. I felt I am safe. I got also music therapy, drawing therapy, eurythmia therapy, in groups and personally. I also wrote the story of my life and went it through with a psychologist. It was fantastic. In antroposofic health care, all of this belongs to a recovering process from the cancer.


When I started my journey from my home to Switzerland, I felt it will be a journey of my life. My tumor markers were up when I went to the clinic. When I came out from that clinic, my cancer markers were normal! I was so grateful- for life, for the clinic. I loved everybody, I loved everything.


And what was the other part of my story. Exactly at the same day, one year after my cancer diagnose, I had an Opening Ceremony of my private exhibition in Tokyo, Japan. And what was in my exhibition? Himmelis, those geometric harmonic shapes which I have made for 25 years. That was one year of my life – which is meant to be continued.