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Sometimes really bad circumstances awaken us

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I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in February 2014. I was surprised because the only symptom I had was a terrible stomach ache.
I remember how scared I was when I heard the doctor explaining to me that what I had was a malignant tumor. My thoughts were with my family, my parents, my loving husband and my two-year old son. I thought about so many things I wanted to do and never found time to do. I remember my only words to the doctor were: “Please give me more time to be with my son. He needs me.”
My treatment included a complete hysterectomy with ganglions removal and chemotherapy.
Every chemo session even though I felt really tired and sick, I was grateful god had given me a chance to be alive. 


Now I am in remission and always continuing with my oncological medical checkups. 
Before I got cancer I was fully focused in my job, but when I got cancer my life changed completely as I not only got sick but also got fired. But I truly thank God every day for that because now I am focused on what really is important - my loving and supporting family and me.

Sometimes really bad circumstances awaken us. Prevention is a key factor. Do not only continue with your regular medical checkups, pay a visit to an oncologist as this can save your life!
Do not ever lose hope, as a wonderful future is waiting for you.