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Success Story from Child Aid Association NICH Karachi

How we treat cancer at child aid association cancer center

Distances do not matter if there is a will to beat cancer.

– Jamshed, Pakistan

My name is Jamshed I am from the village Killi Yaro Zilla Pishin near Quetta.


Doctors from Quetta referred me in February 2012 for treatment at Children Cancer Center of Child Aid Association at National institute of Child Health Karachi. My mother accompanied me as my father was not able to come, due to his duties being prayer leader of the village.

After three months of treatment and stay at hospital my mother was told that I had to stay in Karachi for three years to receive the rest of the treatment. A second possibility, was for me to go back to my village and return to Karachi, every so often, strictly following a given time table for completing the treatment. My father had no means to stay in Karachi despite the fact that treatment was free. So my parents and my uncle who is a rikshaw driver in Karachi made arrangements with Al-Muslim Travel. The manager Mr. Samiullah arranged my traveling free of cost, they would put me on a bus from Quetta and my uncle would receive me and take me to the Cancer Center for tests and treatment. Afterwards he would put me on bus to travel back. I made 70 such trips until I was discharged in April 2015.

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