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One Day At A Time

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Being diagnosed with cancer (Stage IV Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma) at the age of 24 is something I did not see coming. I just had a new job. A lot of plans were in place – teaching in a university, travels, investments, graduate studies. And, in just an instant, everything just faded away. In that very moment, the future is nowhere to be found. How about my family? My girfriend? My friends? How about my job? How about me? Why me? What caused it? How much is the treatment? Am I going to survive? What happens now? Questions after questions. It was all part of it – the denial stage – the days that I thought of giving up.

But no, I can’t and I won’t. The cancer is just in my body. It is not in me. It was hard at first, but soon enough, I was able to accept the fact that there is a new journey that I am about to partake. Eight months since the diagnosis, and after six cycles of chemotherapy, I am now in remission and getting ready for my bone marrow transplant. 

Each day was different. Each day I realized something new. Amidst all the trials, some things have remained constant – the love and support from my family, my girlfriend, my friends, my colleagues at work, my doctors, my nurses, including people I barely know, and most importantly, the Lord.

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