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I'm 37 years old. I lived a "normal" life until I started to feel, that something was wrong with me in 2012. It wasn't until 2014 that the doctors found out, that I had cancer.
The only way I knew to fight cancer those days was chemotreatment and surgery. So I passed 5 month of strong chemotreatment and I was cancerfree in november 2014.
3 month after finishing chemo I had my first after-cancer-check and it was all back: stage 4. They told me, a doublehighdose-chemo with stemmcelltransplantition would be my only chance to survive. Without this treatment, I d be dead within 3 months.
I declined the treatment the night before I should have started by sending a message to their mailbox and started to live raw-vegan without sugar and carbs. I raised my ph level, reduced stress, slept more, started yoga, detoxed my body and so on. After 4 weeks, I went there for a check. Cancer was reduced by 2/3! Christmas 2015 I was officially cancer free, just by eating and changing habits and I'm still cancerfree today.

In summer 2016 I started a project for people who wanna help their body to become back on track instead of or additional to standard-treatment. To show, that the most important point is the personal attitude and will and not the money, I spend all my private money to offer this for free.
My site includes a checklist what I did, recipes, a diary, a mediacenter, lots of studies and knowledge, relaxing-practise....everything you need to start a change and give it a try.


The picture shows:
left: 1st cancer after 5 month chemo-treatmet
right: 2nd cancer after 5 month healthy lifestyle

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