Jessika, United States

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I was diagnosed with stage 2B breast cancer at age 28. I was a single mom trying to deal with my own mental illness issues, graduate from college, and be the best mom possible. It was quite a ride, being told I had BRCA 1. Would make sense I was only the youngest on my dads side to get BC. Definitely not the last. I was so fortunate to have support from my family 200 miles away, my parents took turns taking me to treatments.

I had a bilateral mastectomy with recobstructive surgery. Got through that and was excited when my Dr told me he doesn't expect me to have BC again.

Little did I know at that time I had cancer growing on my tongue. I thought it was an ulcer that wouldn't go away. Finally Broke down and went to doctor and found out I have squamous cell carcinoma on my tongue. I'm now 38, my son lives with me. I was once again in school and my life once again put on hold. 

My cousins son is 21 and is battling testicular cancer for his life.

I dont want another parent to watch their child, young or adult, go through cancer. Its not nice and survivors and doctors are hero's. We need to help all cancers.