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January 13th 2012 we received dreaded phone call
Sharon had been diagnosed with bowel cancer :(  My 1st thought was no not a chance not my Sharon then when i went down her house it hit me straight in face my rock and my 2nd mum had the biggest fight of her life and all she could do was smile and tell us all dont worry no one is going to take me away my babies need me im doing it for my kids well thats what she did. Sharon started her chemotherapy straight away and went for more scans to be told it had spread to her liver and that the chemo had mannaged to shrink the cancer so surgery was planed for as soon as possible. october 2012 she had 2/3 of her liver taken in manchester royal infirmary, she bounced back never ever moaned carried on smiling and had her next major surgery in April 2013 in leighton hospital she had a 6lb cys removed. Shron carried on with chemo then we got the bes news ever Sharon went into re mission. Bet news ever no one deserved it more than her she had a heart of gold.2014  Sharon went for another scan to reveal more tumors on her lungs so chemo nd radio therapy starte it mannaged to keep it at bay, Then Sharon became a nan in 2015 we hoped this would keep her spirits u but she never seemed to get a break.


She continued chemo at Leighton and late 2015 she was given a break to

Let her body recover a little

She never moaned Or complained but she contracted a infection and several courses of antibiotics

A scan also revealed her to tumours  had increased in liver and now both lungs but she still stayed optimistic and enjoyed a Christmas at home with her familyFeb 2016 infection wasn't going away and she was admitted to Leighton for Iv antibiotics , 5 days later she returned home , to where she deteriorated very quickly and on 22 nd march passed away at Leighton hospital with her family around herwe had organised to shave our heads on 29th march to try keep sharons spirits up as she contracted an infection and was struggling. Our hopes were she was going to shave mine and my 13 year old daughters  hair but unfortunately she passed away suddenly on march 22nd so girls had said they were going to do it at the wake of sharons funeral. 

5th April the date set for Sharon's final journey 

over 200 mourners walked behind Sharon on her final journey from rolls ave to Crewe crematorium over 350 attended the service the wake was help at pioneers anglers on underwood lane where two of us had our platted pony tails cut of by Paul Mellor her son and her cousin Jane Clarke and then shaved this was emotional but happy time which followed by Paul shaving his to 

my main outcome from this is we hoping that jasmine getswhu the recognition she deserves and hopefully raise more funds via the online page both mine and jasmines hair was close touching the bottom of our backs were hoping to send this to little princess trust

Sharon played a big part in our lives she was inspiration to all like a 2nd mum to myself and my sister Joanne and my 5 children and joannes 3.