Rebecca, Australia

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Diagnosis is chaos, treatment is painful, and the change is more than physical but all I want to talk about today is this:

Early detection saves lives.

I started my routine self-examination at a young age and knew enough about my body to detect an amount of change that physicians had trouble finding. I'd just turned 31 and the change was dismissed as hormonal, but something didn't feel right so I pushed for tests and my cancer was found early enough for me to have needed only a single year of treatments (omitting hormone therapy) before recieving a cautious all-clear.

The frequency of accounts from physicians that "young people don't check" I encountered wasn't just alarming, it was heartbreaking. I don't dare to dwell on where I'd be if I hadn't known about it until the symptoms had become obvious.

Breast Cancer doesn't care how old you are, what your gender is, or how you live. No-one is immune. It is so important that you learn to self-examine today. Yes, you.