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Child Aid Association Provides Online Treatment

Caa  provides online treatment to blood cancer patient in Qandahar (Afghanistan)

The Child Aid Association (Caa), a non-governmental organization at National Institute of Child Health (NICH)Karach Pakistan has successfully treated an Afghan child suffering from Leukemia, also known as blood cancer through online.

Caa has been providing free of cost treatment and diagnostic facilities to children suffering from cancer coming from all over the country as well as from neighboring countries.

 An eight year old child, Sallahuddin S/O Dr Naimatullah, belonging to Qandahar city of Afghanistan was brought in the Oncology Department of NICH in 2012 where he was diagnosed with blood cancer and admitted to Oncology Department for treatment on October 10, 2012. The patient’s family moved to Qandahar later where a Pediatric Oncologist Consultant performed chemotherapies of the patient on regular basis and remained in touch with Caa Oncologists through online during last three years.

Caa Oncologists provided consultation and counseling to blood cancer patient for more than three year and remained in touch with Pediatric Oncologist at Qandahar. The family of patient used to visit the Oncology Department, NICH, Karachi Pakistan every year during treatment and Sallahuddin has successfully cured from disease. The family of the child visited the Oncology Department a few weeks ago for the final checkup where doctors declared the child free of cancer.

Caa team has successfully treated a blood cancer patient of Afghanistan online. Caa has been providing free of cost treatment and diagnostic facilities to the children suffering from cancer.