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Part of me and all of you

I was diagnosed will Stage 3 invasive lobular carcinoma on oct.12 2015... Breast cancer what a shock since I always had my yearly Mamograms  and never felt any type of lump,was I scared hell yes....You see I've seen how cancer take over the body and destroys .I was first touched by this horrible disease in 1991 when by mother in- law was diagnosed with cancer of the right tonsil she was doing so well ,but cancer has a way of sneaking back in and destroying any bit of hope one may have....After almost five years of being in remission my mother in- laws cancer returned with a vengeance...so I did all I could do to make our "lily" comfortable which was the hardest thing I have ever done.you see the cancer broke through her abdominal wall pushing against the aortic vein .Her death is forever imbedded in my heart....Back to my journey .I never thought I would be climbing this mountain of uncertainty but here I was so scared of what this disease would take from me...my husband ,family ,and friends kept be strong and pull me up from this ever lasting turbulent assault....Things were going well I was kicking chemotherapy ass,my support system rocked..Until my husband fell and broke his femur .....Well a femur is one of the hardest bone in the body and how can it break so easily, well if it's riddled with cancer.

Yes on Jan.14 2016 my husband "Jon" was diagnosed with mastetic lung cancer. He never really showed any type of symptoms except for some weight loss...My rock my love my everything since I was 16 and he was 19 . 36 years of marriage, 4 beautiful children, 10 grandchildren we were absolutely crushed...I don't know how but I found the strength to be there for my love and his final journey a journey that was filled with pain, tears ,and anger.....watching your soul mate slowly die is the most heart wrenching experience one can ever have.....Our beloved Jon took his last breath on April 30 2016 ....I held his hand and watched has his precious soul left his body. I miss him so very much...me I finished my chemo,radiation and taking an estrogen blocker for at least 5 years....I try and live each day to its fullest and yes it's so hard all my hopes and dreams were shattered when my love was taken from me but everyday I strive to be strong, I stop and smell those roses,I tell my children that I love them . I am cancer free and hope and pray everyday that I stay that way but cancer cells are crafty little buggers and just waiting for the opportunity to sneak back in so I do all I can to stay positive and live my life like there is no tomorrow....F*** You CANCER....