Sarah, Egypt

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Name: Sarah Khaled Adel Hafni
Age: 8 years
Address: The Arab Republic of Egypt Port Said
Port Said National Bank School
Third grade primary
Brothers: Salma Khaled and four years younger

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Her friends, in the class "Hajar" and "Salma" and "Razan" and "Sarah" and almost all the row and neighbor of the house "angel" ... Who sees them trying to get closer to it is a personal love for all,
The plight of the disease that Sarah experienced three years ago from the stages of treatment and operations and travel to a distance of more than 250 km - in some stages on a daily basis - taken from the notebook and drawings and paintings bright colors in support of which made her the youngest girl stronger among the colleagues and thank God is now in Recovery, and the hobby of painting was one of the most important factors to help shorten the treatment period
Because it provides confidence in the soul and high morale and knowledge of God and his ability to heal in such a lifetime made her more aware of things.
Sarah loves pets in general, especially her cat Apricot, a good music buff and can distinguish good music from less.
She loves to send to the children of the Arabs and the world a message of love and gratitude to all, especially children who are suffering from diseases and wars and says to them that you are the strongest endurance and patience and do not despair and overcome by faith in God
And his ability and being inspired. When a child is a source of inspiration for the great, there are many solutions to many problems.
All love and appreciation for my small inspiration is pleasant
Your father and your mother love you.
All thanks and appreciation

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