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I fall into to caregiver, medical professional, and cancer survivor. Starting when I lost my mother to breast cancer, 1998. She was a nurse, and only 42yrs old. To knowing after that, I wanted to go into the health field to help others. With my radiation exposure (xray tech) and gene history, I ended up with cancer myself. Oral cancer and throat cancer. Had a great group of doctors. From my ENT, found my cancer quickly, to my ORL team. My oncologist was great as well. They cut out 60% of my tongue, gave me a flap of skin from my arm to replace it, and 22 lymph nodes out of my neck. It took 22hrs to do this, and put me back together. I was in and out of a medical induced coma over the next 6wks. I made it out of hospital, and received 33 treatments of radiation. Radiation, was very tough, I didn’t want feeding tube. I survived on tetracaine spray, and boost milk shakes. I would not recommend, not getting the feeding tube. I was lucky. I’m nearly 4yrs Cancer free, have a few scars. Working now as a MRI tech, no more X-rays.