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Hello My name is Tommy Tucker,  I have been healthy all of my life I worked in a job for over 35.5-Years and only missed five days due to sickness.  I retired on 12/31/2014 and started off my retirement with my best friend Donna my wife.  We joined the SBTC Disaster Relief team the first of 2015 and was blessed to be able to engaged with helping others in overwhelming circumstances.  On February 14, 2016 I started to feel bad after eating a meal but I really didn’t pay much attention to it.  While teaching a couple’s Sunday School class the next day, I received a text from my daughter that she was going to have emergency gallbladder surgery.  We left church and went home to pack a bag.  I started getting sick and started vomiting.   I really thought I had a virus so I texted my daughter and told her that we couldn’t make it due because I had a stomach virus.  I was sick all night, Donna had tried to get me to go to the ER but I told her it would pass.  But as the night turned into day I was still sick. Donna got me in to see the doctor and she thought I had gallbladder problems and requested a CT scan.  It was at that point that the doctor said I had a bowel obstruction.  They then applied a NG tube and transported me to another town and I met with a surgeon.  I went into surgery the next day and the results was they removed two and feet of small intestines and numerous tumors that were Carcinoid Cancer.   From that point I asked God the next morning that He would use me through this thing that had invaded my body as a instrument of His will.  From that point I had a host of prayer warriors were praying for me.  I had a otreascan two weeks later.  I met with my surgeon and at that point she told me that the cancer was in my liver and lymph nodes.   I was overwhelm by the news but was trying to trust in God’s ability and not mine.   Prayers were being lifted and I had turned my life over to God.  Two weeks after my scan I went to see my oncologist and she told me that my scan was normal!  Praise God for answered prayers.  I started a regiment of 20mg Sandostatin injections every 28 days.  I have had four scans and all continue to reflect normal.  On the morning after my surgery it was laid on my heart to write a book that might help others that are faced with cancer.  That book is now alive and it’s called Facing Cancer with CHRIST!  In regards to natural treatments, my niece brought me some herbs the day after returning home from surgery.  Since that time I have tried to cut out sugar, have a daily intake of turmeric and curcumin along with black pepper.  I try to walk and stay active and have a daily prayer life.   Staying positive and staying active is a great way to combat cancer.  Of course giving thanks for every day that we are blessed with and giving God all the praise for it has grown my faith, strengthened my marriage and given me a purpose to serve others while honoring God.  For me, Cancer has been one of the best things that has shaped my life and given me a life driven purpose.  If you have cancer use it, claim victory over it and enjoy and embrace life to the fullest!  Cancer can change your life but let that change be a better life than before cancer!