Vickie, USA

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When I was first diagnosed with Breast Cancer in August 2015 it was stage II. After my double mastectomy I was told it was stage III as it was found in my lymph nodes. When a few weeks before I began chemo it was found in my liver and suddenly I was dealing with stage IV metaticized breast cancer. It has since been found in my sacrum and sternum.

I've gone through IV chemo, oral chemo, a month and a half of daily radiation, 5 days of focused radiation, countless CT and PET scans and about 6 surgeries in two and a half years. I'm still in treatment for cancer and have started physical therapy for lymphadema. So yearh, it has been a lot. But I try very hard not to wallow in self-pity. Becuase even though it has been a lot to go through, I don't dwell on what I've been through. There isn't any point. Not when I have so much still ahead of me.

I am a working professional with a demanding job. I'm a wife, mother and cat owner. All of which keep me on my toes, though some more than others! Some days, most days, I'm just living my life. But there are some days when I put my head down and force myself to just keep moving forward. These can be tough, but they are not insurrmountable. Why? I have love surrounding me. I have support of my family, friends and colleagues uplifting me. And I have the hope of one day being cancer-free.