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A survivor's story from Greece

When I was diagnosed with breast cancer 15 years ago, after having neglected my yearly check-up, I felt as though the world had come to an end. When I realized what was going on, a mixture of emotions took over, anxiety, anger, confusion, sadness and of course, depression.

Thousands of unanswered questions, creeped their way into my mind, but only one of them prevailed… “Will I live to see my children grow up??” My doctor scheduled surgery as quick as possible. The result: Mastectomy and the extraction of 28 lymph nodes. Waking up, I knew I wasn’t the same person anymore, and instantly started to re-assess what and who is important in my life from now on.

Going home, I re-directed my priorities and the importance of my well-being. I had to focus on survival. A period of chemotherapy, hair loss and a lot of stress took forever to pass. Luckily, I had heaps of support from my husband and children.

The following year, in order to boost my self-image, I underwent transformation surgery, and had the privilege of feeling confident again. At this point and in modesty, I must state and point out that early detection improves your chances of a possible cure. So please, ladies, love yourselves and always take time to monthly check your breasts.

After all these years, I am now a member of the Board at an organization in Greece “ALMA ZOIS”, which helps and supports women undergoing breast cancer and is open to them and their families. I am also a trained volunteer and absolutely love supporting women, who have gone or are going through this ordeal in their lives. Since my adventure, I try to exercise, eat healthy and enjoy life to the fullest. I live every moment , and try to focus on the positive side of things.

Cancer-free now, looking back on this “adventure” makes me smile, firstly because I’m still alive, and secondly I feel blessed for having fought such a battle and ending up a winner!!

Stay Strong and never lose hope, ladies!!!