Yana, Ukraine

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Three years ago, everything turned upside down for me. When you hear you are diagnosed with cancer, you hit your rock bottom. Everything stops, and you are left alone in the void, isolated. But you must find the strength to get up and going, ready to fight.

Many will ask why I decided to take a photo shoot, why I post these photos?

I just have to do it. You have no idea how massive the problem is, how many people all around the world face it and… suffer. All I want to say is if this deadly disease ever happens to you, you must not lose hope, you must not despair. Never. Life is worth fighting for.

And one more thing. Thank you my loved ones, relatives, and friends for your hope and continued support, I would not have won that fight without you.

#WorldCancerDay #WeCanICan #CancerSurvival