Date: 1/2/15 to 28/2/15
Location: Ipoh, Malaysia
Organiser: Malaysian Gynae Cancer Society
Date: 6/2/15 to 7/2/15
Location: Austin, United States
Organiser: 20colors20hours
Date: 4/11/14
Location: Udaipur, India
Organiser: Sarvodaya Manav Seva
Date: 4/2/15
Location: MILWAUKEE, United States
Organiser: MPS-DFMS
Date: 4/2/15
Location: Tabuk, Saudi Arabia
Organiser: abdullah mostafa taha

Map of Events

Welcome to the Interactive Map of Events, which aim is to feature all of the events, activities and actions that will be taking place to mark World Cancer Day.

Everyone is encouraged to share their plans, whether they are launching a report, organising a fundraising event or advocacy activity, we want the world to know and encouraged to get online and share it!

Share your event

Do you know what you will be doing for World Cancer Day 2015 already?

Uploading your event or campaign onto the World Cancer Day map is easy, simply click here to submit your activity. Use your mouse or the arrows on the map itself to zoom in and move the map around to see what is happening in your region.

Even if you have an event, activity or campaign that does not fall on 4th February - World Cancer Day, please share it anyway. The map is a platform and a great opportunity to show the world all the great work our community is doing to reduce the global cancer burden.

Please note: that after submitting an event, the team at UICC first checks the content before it gets published online. This may take a few hours depending on the time of day.