Healthcare professionals

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The 2016-2018 World Cancer Day campaign explores actions that ‘We can. I can.’ do to save lives, achieve greater equity in cancer care, and make fighting cancer a priority at the highest political levels.

As a healthcare professional, you are in a unique position to amplify the messages of World Cancer Day. We encourage you to use your voice and join with others to raise the need to prioritise cancer care for all.

Here are a few ideas on how you can use your role as a healthcare professional to make an impact: 

  • Publish a news article on the work you do in cancer on your website or blog
  • Offer an opinion piece to your local media to raise the issue in the press 
  • Organise an educational public seminar or workshop for the public 
  • Organise an open house at your hospital or health centre 
  • Help us to translate World Cancer Day materials 

For more ways to get involved, download the Campaign toolkit