Governments in Action: Report Released

Take a look at the report highlighting some of the actions taken by governments on World Cancer Day. 

Governments across the world have the power to make a positive difference in the lives and health of their people. And, in the last year of the ‘We can. I can.’ campaign, we hoped to inspire an urgent response from governments and their leaders in addressing the national and global cancer burden. 

This report, Governments in Actions: World Cancer Day 2018, spotlights some of the government responses and actions which took place this past World Cancer Day. 

We hope it will serve as inspiration for more governments and civil society organisations around the world to join together in creating a significant shift in reducing the 8.8. million deaths from cancer every year.



Download the Report:



On behalf of the international cancer community, we thank all the ministers, politicians and policy-makers who showed leadership and used their influence and voice to support progress towards a cancer-free world. 

We also acknowledge the efforts of UICC members and civil society organisations who work alongside their governments - not only on this day but every day - to help create a brighter and healthier future for their nation.