HOSPICE - Casa Sperantei Foundation_Center of Information, Education and Counselling in Palliative Care Department - Romania

1 January 2017

The HOSPICE- Casa Sperantei  is the largest foundation in the Romania country, offering free palliative care services and operate in Brasov and Bucharest, caring for children and adults with incurable diseases diagnose. The HOSPICE has developed palliative care services, which are offered in day care centers, outpatient and inpatient units, suitable for the patients and the hospitals.

HOSPICE- Casa Sperantei  develope palliative care  at national and international level by informing, through educational programs dedicated professionals, patients and the community and by improving legislation. 

Centre of Information, Education and Counselling within the foundation, coordinated by a medical assistant and a psychologist, offers support and useful information, depending on the needs of those who are confronting the disease, about communication, pain, body hygiene, wound care, outreach, the stoma and lymphedema, nutrition, rights of people with incurable diseases.

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Online - Website
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HOSPICE-Casa Sperantei
Brasov, str. Piatra Mare, 101
Bucuresti, str. Tamaioarei, 121-123, sector 2
500133 Brasov