MD Anderson to conduct Oncology Workshop in Zambia

4 February 2015 to 31 March 2015

MD Anderson to conduct Oncology Workshop in Zambia

The Global Academic Programs (GAP) at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas partners with leading cancer programs around the world through a network of 31 sister institutions to advance the understanding of cancer by supporting collaborative research and academic exchanges.

In 2013 MD Anderson and the UICC joined forces to bring together the expertise of the GAP network and the ongoing efforts of the UICC and expedite capacity building for cancer care in sub-Saharan Africa through training and education of healthcare professionals.

During the last year several programs have been initiated to support this endeavor with active engagements in Zambia and the Mozambique. A team of Zambian physicians has visited Houston to observe the best practices in cancer and MD Anderson has extended its online teaching modules for cancer screening, diagnosis, treatment and palliative care to healthcare professionals in Zambia. A monthly tumor-boards platform has also been established to discuss difficult cases on a regular basis.

An in-country workshop will be held in March 2015 in Lusaka to better understand the local needs and challenges of providing advanced cancer care and identify the areas of strength and weakness in the cancer program at the Cancer Diseases Hospital, with an initial focus on women’s cancers.

The visiting oncologists from MD Anderson, Albert Einstein Jewish Hospital, Sao Paulo and Barretos Cancer Hospital in Brazil, the African Cancer Institute at Stellenbosch University in South Africa, and Erasmus Cancer Institute, Rotterdam in the Netherlands will spend time with the local experts in the clinics and hospital wards, and conduct didactic lectures for Zambian healthcare professionals.

The multi-disciplinary team will include experts in Medical Oncology, Surgical Oncology, Radiation Oncology, Plastic Surgery, and Histo-technology specializing in screening, diagnosis and treatment of cervical and breast cancers. The team will also include a paediatric surgical oncologist.

Representatives from the UICC, the Pink Ribbon Red Ribbon initiative of the George W. Bush Institute in Dallas, and the US National Cancer Institute’s Center for Global Health will join the discussions to develop a plan for training and education of healthcare professionals in collaboration with the local experts, and based on Zambia’s national cancer control plan priorities.

Following the workshop, a smaller team will proceed to Maputo to develop a tele-mentoring program for Cervical Cancer in the Mozambique. Women's cancers have emerged as a high-priority health care need in LMICs and Dallas based National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) is supporting MD Anderson's efforts in Africa.

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