Movement All Together Against Cancer in São Paulo, Brazil

27 September 2016 to 28 September 2016
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The Movement All Together Against Cancer (portuguese initials - TJCC) started in 2014, the mobilization of the Brazilian civil society that aimed to promote a positive impact in oncology and led the creation of the Brazilian Congress All Together Against Cancer.

The Movement mission is to Influence health policy in oncology and accelerate health promotion, prevention, access to proper treatment and palliative care to people with cancer in Brazil. Aligned with this mission, the movements goals are to promote discussion and awareness about advances, challenges and obstacles, discuss patient and physicians rights and duties, strengthen the network of organizations and connect the government authorities to the challenges.

Brazilian Congress All Together Against Cancer:

A joint event with more than 100 organizations and foundations to work on the support and care of people with cancer in order to improve awareness of the programs available in the different organizations, discuss important gaps of the health system in Brazil and inspire new collaborative opportunities and models.

In the 2nd edition in 2015, the Brazilian Congress All Together Against Cancer had the presence of 2,003 leaders from the health area, 28 themes discussed and 6 Satellite symposia. The event also had 129 Health leaders’ speakers that share with the audience your knowledge and perceptions about cancer care in Brazil.

Some of the themes discussed on the 2nd edition of Brazilian Congress All Together Against Cancer:

  • National Policy of Oncology Care.
  • Oncology future in personalized medicine.
  • Oncology of the future: targeted therapy and immunotherapy.
  • Stem cell storage: ethics, quality and usefulness.
  • Cost and benefit of early diagnosis.
  • New scenarios and advances in cancer treatment and hematology
  • Humanization of care: more humor and less rigor

The congress main achievements was the definition of priorities to be addressed in the movement advocacy document "Declaration for Improving Attention to Cancer in Brazil":

  • Creating regional centers for early diagnosis of cancer ensuring examinations within 30 days.
  • Increase number of beds and guarantee access to treatment high cost of medicines and the completion of chemotherapy and radiation both by SUS and by health insurance.
  • Fostering healthy habits to further prevent and reduce risk factors. 
  • Increase number of beds for performing the transplant and ensure the necessary medicines post transplant patient and PDT for patients and also to marrow donors.
  • Ensure sufficient health professionals for comprehensive care to patients with cancer, in addition to promoting the ongoing training of these professionals, ensuring humanized care in the areas of prevention, diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and palliative care in oncology.

Most of the actions are monitored with priority with the help of the ABRALE Oncology Observatory, a dynamic and online platform of open data monitoring and sharing of relevant information from the Brazil oncology area. Initiative of the Movement TJCC. The Observatório  aims to facilitate the data use to influence in the decision making based on evidences, assessment and monitoring of health policies and the empowerment of society.

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