The Republic: World Cancer Day


<p>The Republic is a youth group that provides a platform for university students in the U.A.E. to connect with each other, discover their talents and give back to the society.</p>

The Republic pays a lot of attention to working for Community Service in the U.A.E., and we have held various events in the past that show our commitment towards different causes.

On World Cancer Day, the Community Service Team conducted a short presentation about the importance of world cancer day, and prevention techniques through simple lifestyle changes. To make our awareness campaign more effective,"Change the Odds: PSA" and "Stand up and Do Something" videos were shown, and was received well by the audience. We also organized a cookie sale, where 270 dirhams (75$) was raised and donated immediately to the Stand up 2 Cancer organization online.

Saturday, February 4, 2012
UICC Member: 
Fariha M. Khan
Sucheta Muthanna
00971 55 7931819 , 00971 50 3915395

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