WaidX® TeleRadiotherapy Pilot Project for the remote connection of RT departments in US and Armenia.

4 February 2018
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After the successful experience in supporting different fields of Oncology practice, WaidX takes on the challenge of bringing remotization in Radiotherapy activities.

After its global survey, GTFRCC declared a lack of about 9,000 RT facilities worldwide, mainly in LMIC where the access to cancer care is limited by a number of factors.

On 2017, WorldConnex was commissioned by Weill Cornell Medicine Department of Radiation Oncology to study an ad hoc system to establish a permanent connection with the homologous RT department within the Armenian National Centre of Oncology, in Yerevan.

WaidX telematic backbone should have supported the simultaneous run of several concurrent applications likewise remote tumor board, e-learning, sharing of clinical data and diagnostic images for anatomical analysis. The most disruptive innovation concerns the implementation of a high-quality system of remote tele-contouring.

All that to be performed in real time on the existing health equipment, under strict security policies concerning the handling of sensitive data, facing the typical limitations of low-resource settings in LMIC.

On behalf of this project, WorldConnex staff has developed a totally new model characterized by a strong integration between telematics and RT workflows.

We dedicated the premiere TeleRT demo session performed among US and Armenia to World Cancer Day 2018, confident that it represents the first step towards new ways of doing medicine awaiting WaidX.

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