World Cancer Declaration

Through the targets outline in the World Cancer Declaration our aim by 2025 is to have:


World Cancer Declaration - Animation - Web, by UICC

Overarching Goal: There will be major reductions in premature deaths from cancer, and improvements in quality of life and cancer survival rates.To reach these targets we will take action to:

Target 1: Strenghten health systems for effective cancer control

Target 2: Measure cancer burden and impact of cancer plans in all countries

Target 3: Reduce exposure to cancer risk factors

Target 4: Universal coverage of HPV and HBV vaccination

Target 5: Reduce stigma and dispel myths about cancer

Target 6: Universal access to screening and early detection for cancer

Tartget 7: Improve access to services across the cancer care continuum

Target 8: Universal availability of pain control and distress management

Target 9: Improve education and training of healthcare professionals

Download the full text of the  World Cancer Declaration 2013 here.

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