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The Collegium Ramazzini and the Ramazzini Institute join with UICC to Promote Cancer Prevention on World Cancer Day

The Collegium Ramazzini, an international scientific society which examines critical issues of occupational and environmental  medicine with a view toward  action to prevent disease and promote health shares in and  is pleased to join with UICC’s  convening vision for  World Cancer Day to ‘save millions of preventable deaths each year’,  through awareness raising and education about cancer prevention.

The Collegium wishes to share with UICC stakeholders two cancer prevention- focused documents which are available to all.  The first, which is clinically focused, describes the benefits of screening and early detection efforts which may be helpful to UICC partners:

Cancer Prevention, Screening and Early Diagnosis: A Neglected Side of Cancer Control

The second document provides a recent review and stark reminder of the health harms, including cancer, arising from asbestos exposure from mining and especially in the construction trades.  Limiting and eliminating asbestos use can indeed ‘save millions of preventable deaths’ among the currently exposed.   Action now will permit us to avoid the waves of cancer deaths we now witness due to past asbestos use.The Global Health Dimension of Asbestos and Asbestos-Related Disease…

Regarding the World Cancer Day, February 4th 2019, the two Institutions have organized, in collaboration with the Municipality of Carpi, different meetings in the "Liceo Scientifico Manfredo Fanti"  high school in Carpi, Modena Province, Italy. The title of the Seminar is "Environment and Health". Carpi is the birthplace of Bernardino Ramazzini, the first MD in the world who stated in 1700 "Prevention is better than cure". The Collegium Ramazzini International Academy has its headquarters in Carpi.


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