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Madrid, 01 February 2019.- On the occasion of World Cancer Day, which is held on 4th February, the Spanish Breast Cancer Federation - Federación Española de Cáncer de Mama (FECMA) and the 45 Associations of Women with Breast Cancer which make it up and which are an active part of the associative movement of patients all join the “World Cancer Day” campaign of the Union for International Against Cancer - Unión Internacional Contra el Cáncer (UICC). Our Federation is part of this campaign under the slogan “I Am and I'm Going To” with the aim of reducing the global burden of this disease, promoting greater equity, and ensuring that cancer control continues to be a priority on the world health and development agenda. The essential objective is that of joining forces to show that early detection, screening, and correct diagnosis reduce the cost of subsequent treatment and improve survival rates.


It makes the following remarks:


  • At the Federation, we advocate early detection programmes and support research, innovation, clinical trials, and patient participation in the latter. This is why we believe that it can be highly beneficial to promote strategies which encourage cultural changes in order to modify certain attitudes which may restrict the dissemination of and participation in early cancer detection programmes.
  • Fortunately, campaigns promoted and managed by the public health system, which are free, continue over time, and are provided with human resources and the necessary materials have spread with the objective being to increase the rate of participation of the people called upon to 75%.
  • We regret that on occasion opinions or news causing unnecessary alarm and raising doubts about the benefits of early cancer detection programmes may be spread. Experience and contrasted scientific data confirm that early detection contributes to the diagnosis of tumours in the initial stages, which avoids aggressive operations and improves patients' quality of life.



  • In recent decades significant progress has been made in tackling cancer such as more reliable diagnosis methods, less aggressive and more efficient therapies, innovative drugs, and better training for professionals. As women and as patients our goal is to overcome the effects of metastasis, and with the help of the opinion and the perspective of the associative movement of patients to continue to revise, update, assess, and redefine oncology objectives and contents.
  • We value the dedication of healthcare professionals and investment in research, development, and innovation. We support clinical trials as a manner of opening new avenues to tackle oncologic diagnoses and treatments. Research is the best guarantee of progress in the best and most reliable methods in order to develop less aggressive, more innovative, and more efficient therapies and count on contrast drugs as the most suitable and useful. Progress in research must be publicized and will be sustainable if its benefits are to be extended to as many patients as possible.
  • In order to make progress in cancer research, collaboration and coordination between various sanitary and hospital administrations of both the national networks and the public or private sector are necessary. Likewise, new organizational models will be required together with legislative changes in some cases so as to guide strategic decisions for the forthcoming decade.
  • We have to think more about the future than the past and ensure that in effect, as the UICC requires, cancer is a world priority. As long as this is not the case we women with Breast Cancer and with Metastatic Breast Cancer will remain united and will continue to demand MORE PREVENTION, MORE RESEARCH, AND MORE INNOVATION.


The Spanish Breast Cancer Federation (FECMA) represents over 40,000 women affected by this pathology, who are grouped in 45 associations from all over the country. As a non-profit-making entity, it has been working to serve women with breast cancer since its foundation in 2000. Nowadays the FECMA has become consolidated as a point of reference providing support and help for women suffering from breast cancer, and all the activities it carries out have among other objectives those of insisting on the decisive importance of the early detection of the disease and of supporting efforts linked to this pathology in the fields of health and research.


For further information: FECMA Press Office T. 91 787 03 00


You can find us at, Tw @fecma_

and FB @FederacionEspanoladeCancerdeMama

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