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Working as a Breast Health Educator for close to two decades, has been life altering for me in so many ways.

I started a Social Enterprise focused on Bra and Mastectomy Fittings in 2002 and within weeks, I was determined to provide solutions that would deliver dignity along with our ethos of empathy and privacy. I was paying close attention to every woman and family that walked into my doors and I recognised that there was a huge gap in education; beyond a diagnosis.

I understood that women and families were suffering due to lack of adequate information beyond surgical interventions and I wanted to DO more and GIVE more. 

I understood that some of the women and families that I served within the corporate spaces and were mothers. So I was compelled to design education for not only the patients, but the families and the professional communities, so there would be inclusion, cohesion and unified interventions, to any of the needs of the patient and beyond the woman who came to have a bra fitting for her essential and everyday comfort.

During this time, we also noticed there was a serious challenge with breast esteem - women were pained by their perceived limitations; due to having way larger or remarkably smaller breasts and this was aligned to many emotional and esteem issues. Women were making harmful choices to compensate for their breast appearances. Our education and tools cover all these subjects, inside of our global workshops, seminars and specialty programming.

With all of this experience, I immediately became the best in class, the go-to resource and the thought leader in ALL THINGS BREASTS. I became tooled with all that was needed to deliver the best care and compassion. I became the key support mechanism and part of the post surgical arsenal for women following a mastectomy, breast reduction, augmentation surgery or everyday comfort situations that required specialist interventions. 

I delivered presentations at schools, workplaces, rallies, conferences and academic institutions. This leading me to countries and communities that were in need of supplementary awareness programming outside of the “normal” as our education was based in additional experiences that were not and still are not part of the awareness narrative. 

Word began to be shared among diverse communities, that attributed our interventions to a happier woman, more self confident girls and we were considered the missing link between the discussions around reproductive health, maternal health, oncology health and the esteem and mental wellbeing of women and communities. In 2012, we delivered an academic paper on the value of our interventions, in the rehabilitation of women in treatment - at the Oklahoma State University.

As time progressed, we gained the trust of other industry professionals, whom we still have very strong relationships with as their support team for a complete intervention for their patients, customers and teams.  

In 2015 and 2017, Spelman College of Atlanta, was considering the ways to enhance the academic exposure and experience of their medical students, they engaged our organization Ms. Brafit to partner with them, to provide a study abroad experience with their medical students; thus, allowing them to connect the dots between the clinical situations presented and the post surgical interventions towards rehabilitation and esteem of women following a diagnosis.

To date, we have delivered our education on five continents, have shared our messages with thousands and have been part of many global networks that empower communities and provide solutions towards social impact.

After a long corporate career and the determination to be more deliberate in serving humanity, to date, I have served families and been given the honour of fitting multiple generations of the same families in many instances. Not because they have any ailment or diagnosis, but because they understand that we address comfort, dignity, empowerment and prevention as a cohesive package inside of our consultations. 

Our mantra; we cannot disguise an ailing pair of breasts with a fancy bra. To us, comfort starts and ends with the first layer. We see dignity beginning with the foundation garment and our role is to provide the most comfortable and suitable foundation garments for everyone that entrusts us with their personal care.

To deliver change, we have to start with the women and girls - those who will provide the first form of food for the newborn generations.


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