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Hi, I am Savanna, and I am a 2x Hodgkin Lymphoma fighter. I was originally diagnosed as Stage IV unfavorable last November during my freshman year at college, after being sick for a near year and a half. I had every symptom in the book, and even after seeing every doctor imaginable, I had to be an advocate for myself and took myself to walk-in clinics and to the ER until I had a diagnosis. Upon going leaving school to receive treatment at Stony Brook Children's, I underwent 5 cycles of high dose chemotherapy and about a month of radiation to my chest. After 2 cycles of chemo, I was near cured already, but treatment continued and I was officially in remission by May. During routine PET scans after that, a small light had been appearing in my abdomen, and although it wasn't getting bigger, it wasn't disappearing either. To ensure the light was not lymphoma, my doctor wanted a biopsy done, and to everyone's dismay, the small light in my PET scan was lymphoma. After being in remission for nine months, the cancer had returned. I immediately started salvage chemo, and I will also be undergoing a stem cell transplant once I complete the chemo. I won't lie, almost everything about this process sucks, but I am thankful for my family and friends who are fighting alongside me, and my healthcare team who is working their butt off to ensure I am cancer-free after this relapse treatment. Cancer is the worst thing on this planet, and it's a shame that something like this is what brings people together. Despite this, I know if we all continue fighting and advocating, we will find a cure, and no one will have to live with this evil. I am unstoppable and I will fight for a cancer-free world.

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