My name is Alfred Samuels and I am a 7-year CANCER SURVIVOR. I was diagnosed in January 2012 with advanced metastatic prostate cancer Stage 4 and given a short time to live. My presenting PSA was measured at 509 ng/ml and my cancer had escaped my prostate and invaded 6 parts of my body:-

1. Left Hip

2. 6th lower rib

3. Right elbow

4. Base of skull

5. Spine vertebra

6. Lung base

At that time in the UK, the option open to me was the stampede drug trials program funded by Cancer Research UK a multi-arm, multi-discipline programme. I was then enrolled into Arm G  (Abiraterone + Prostap) of that trial programme and over a 7 month period, I saw my PSA reduce to less than 0.1 ng/ml where it has remained, which is an incredible medical feat.

This was by no means an easy journey, in preparation, I had to put on my war face, no retreat, no surrender was my war, cry along with my motto "It's not over until I win". I dueled with cancer and on this occasion, I won. The journey was by no means easy with bouts of hospitalisation, much fatigue, hot flashes and continuing side effects I have come out the other side of a horrendous journey. I am most definitely a changed person from the experience, but I am alive and my family has me around to cherish and love still.

My condition is not one of been cured, it is the one where being well-managed, but I'll take that any day. Going from near Death to Surviving was the most fantastic achievement anyone could wish for, from a cancer prognosis such as mine. Over the past 4 years, I have become a motivational speaker, traveling nationally and internationally, talking about my Story on Radio, TV and major events inspiring those who would otherwise have given up without hearing 'Giving up is not an option'...

In 2015 I wrote the first of two books "Invincibility in the face of Prostate Cancer: Coming out the other side" which was followed in 2017 with my 2nd book "Motivated to Inspire". Through my books, it was my intention to inspire, motivate, influence people and make them realise the value of the information written. 

#This is me I am the patient I am a survivor


Alfred Samuels





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