How I went through treatment of cancer and finally got free of it

My name is Hashamuddin. When I was eight years old I developed a swelling in my neck. My parents took me to a local doctor who started treatment, but the swelling went on increasing. My parents took me to another doctor who suspected it is to be cancerous.  Knowing the nature of the illness and the expenses needed for treatment were shocking for my parents. Coming from a low-income group it was beyond their reach.  Someone suggested that they should contact the Child Aid Association at NICH Karachi where free treatment is provided. They took me there and treatment started in 2002. A couple of months later other family problems showed up. My mother was pregnant and my father was invited for Haj by a well-wisher. There was also a financial crisis as we had no money even for rickshaw fare and my mother and I had to travel in crowded buses which was very tiring for us.

The phase of treatment was tough and it was difficult to continue school schedule as well as my treatment. To get the treatment I had to reach the hospital at eight in the morning. After due physical checkups and various laboratory tests, the chemotherapy would start at around 1 pm and last till 5 pm. Nurses had to find a suitable vein to put the drip either in my hands or in the feet.  In addition, I had to swallow 24 tablets three times daily. I was fed up with sickness that followed those drips. Becoming bald due to loss of my hair and unable to do any physical activity was very worrying for me. This ordeal lasted two years when finally the good news came that I was free from cancer and did not need any more treatment.

Now, after completing my education, I am gainfully employed and looking back I consider it my duty to thank all those who helped me come out of a situation where my life was threatened. Foremost are my parents who left no stones unturned for me to have the best possible treatment despite having limited financial resources and gave all their love and care during this period. Next, the Child Aid Association; without their facility I could have been left without any treatment. I was provided not only free medications but also all costly laboratory and radiology investigations. These could have cost a couple of millions of rupees or more at a private facility.  I would like to particularly thank the staff for their motivation and counseling. They gave hope to patients to fight their disease. Thank you Dr. Uzma, Dr. Ali, counselor Ms. Shaista and lab person Mr. Shoib.

My message to all children suffering from cancer, and to their parents, is to not give up hope, and trust Almighty.

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