My name is Katrin, I´m 40 years old, have a great life partner and two wonderful daugthers at the age of 3 and 15 years. Since 2013 I have breast cancer and since 2017, uncountable metastasis in different organs and especially in my bones. In the last 6 years there were many operations, chemotherapies, radiotherapies, infusions and other treatments. Furthermore, I got an artifical joint (endoprostheses). Unfortunately, the regular therapies have now reached the limit and I started to complete these therapies with complex biological therapies.They were and they are very important for me and help me to reduce pain, improve my life quality and extend my life time...but the german statutory health insurance doesn´t pay for it and I have to pay for it by myself or with the help of family and friends. Now, these possibilities don´t exist anymore but the costs stay. And I get only a small pension and can work only a few hours a week.

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Every Cent counts!!!

With God´s love & grace I will fight as long as I live and for all the people I have lost during this fight! Against cancer!

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Healthcare professional & carer
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