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My granddad has Heart Cancer and is in a coma in Hospital. It all first started after I lost my other granddad on my birthday. It was surprising, as I only got the news just after my friends had left to go home after staying over at mine for my birthday. Then my mum came crying upstairs and told me that granddad had passed. I was gutted. The next day I found it so hard to cope with life and sadly, I got diagnosed with anxiety and depression. I didn't go to school for about 4 weeks because I just felt awful. He died of Lung Cancer and now sadly my other granddad is fighting in Hospital with Heart Cancer. World Cancer Day has made me notice that I'm not alone. Other people are out there too and I wanna help as many people as I can with Cancer including, my granddad.

Thank You World Cancer Day! <3


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Paul Kelsin and his mother
Paul Kelsin
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