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There lived a woman who was in her mid thirties. She was the absolute love of her husband Mr E. One day, they walked to the Breast Clinic there Mrs E, complained of a lump in her breast which she'd had for a while. A biopsy was done and confirmed it was Breast Cancer.

After counseling Mrs E, was pumped to have her treatment and indeed she started the treatment. After taking 4 cycles of neo adjuvant chemotherapy, it was time for a mastectomy.

This was where the problem started. She didn't like the idea of breast removal as she believed her faith would heal her, even when she was told of the benefits of treatment. She never came back.

Months had passed, she was brought back to the emergency unit of the hospital as she was in a terrible state. She could no longer walk, nor sit, or stand. She had metastasis to the brain.

It was a difficult period for her family, her dutiful and ever present husband and we the carers. 

She died shortly after, exactly one month later.


I'm a Patient Navigator with over three years in providing psychological support to women diagnosed with breast cancer. I have navigated over 300 women following them through from their point of diagnosis, through treatment and post care.

It's my hope and wish that the barriers to care are closed and we are able to fight cancer to the very end.


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