Healthcare professional & carer

I am a young man passionate about seeing a cancer-free society.

I have this dream of a cancer-free society. Working with cancer patients, seeing them when I go for my research work is always another time to reflect on how more people can be helped.


Prevention is better than cure says a Nigerian adage. I have lost friends and colleagues to this dreaded disease and I can feel the pain of the family members, children, friends and even supposed enemies.

We all might not be medical practitioners, we all might not be the scientist who will discover that one substance that will put an end to cancer, but we all are at the corner of our house and street, and we can encourage those battling with cancer, sensitize others on exposure to carcinogenic substances and donate our widow's mite to sponsor research or for treatment.


By doing this, only eternity can reward us.

Healthcare professional & carer
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Family, friend & supporter
Paul Kelsin and his mother
Paul Kelsin
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