Family, friend & supporter

It was April 6, 2014 when I first found out that my dad was diagnosed with Prostate cancer. I had graduated from PU with my Bachelors in Computer Applications and was just beginning my new career as an Assistant Manager for a high-paced tech company in Kathmandu when I received a desperate call from my dad saying that I had to come home. Without hesitation, I went with my gut feeling and did whatever I had to, leaving my life and career behind.  Myself, my sister and dad chose the best option for my father’s treatment which was available in New Delhi, India. 

Unexpectedly and without warning my family and I were thrown head first into the world of cancer. We were adapting to changes, often daily, that offered no road map, played by no rules, and had no sympathy. Feeling helpless and disoriented, we did what most people would do in this situation and relied fully on our oncologist to pave the path towards recovery. The hospital became more of a battle ground as my dad's endured the grueling wounds caused by the side effects of his treatment. Although nothing about his surgery and chemotherapy felt like a “treatment”, we knew there was no turning back at this point. We had to just stay patient and trust our journey. 

Through God’s grace, my dad successfully completed his surgery and last round of chemotherapy. Still My dad is on medications and needs regular follow ups. He is now working as the Professor and Head of Department of the R&D Department of National Open College here in Kathmandu. 

Thanks to the all the people behind this recovery and fight against cancer. 


Family, friend & supporter
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Family, friend & supporter
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