On this date 4th January 2016 I was on my way to surgery to have over half of my tongue removed, not knowing for certain what lay ahead. 

I was diagnosed with Mouth Cancer in Decemberr 2015 at the age of 58, I had to have over 4 hours of surgery, very intensive chemotherapy and Radiotherapy. I am at this moment in time still cancer free. I want to help make others aware this can happen to anyone regardless of age or gender.

Well here I am 4 years later talking albeit not the same as before and not able to eat as easily as I would like but I am here to see my 3 wonderful grandchildren grow up, to see my 2 beautiful daughters grow into caring young women that they have both become and a husband who has been my rock through it all.  I am very grateful that I had such an amazing family with me through what was a very hard time.

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Maria Fernanda
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Healthcare professional & carer
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