World Cancer Day 2015

WCD 2015 Areas of focus

Campaign was launched via a webinar on 4th September



Taking place on the 4th of February every year World Cancer Day aims to reduce the number of preventable deaths each year by raising awareness and education about cancer, and by pressing governments and individuals across the world to take action against the disease.

The theme for the 2015 World Cancer Day campaign

The 2015 campaign aims to take a positive stance through optimistic messaging of what can be done to accelerate the fight against the disease. The tagline ‘Not beyond us’ highlights the solutions that exist and are accessible to affect and reduce the global cancer burden.

The 2015 Campaign materials are now available


Access the Members' and Corporate versions of the Toolkits


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Fact Sheets

Learn more about the four key areas of focus and what can be done to fight cancer.

Evidence Sheets

Download the detailed Evidence Sheets to learn more about what we can do to fight cancer today.


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