World Cancer Day 2019 Social Media Activity 

To welcome the new World Cancer Day campaign theme: ‘I Am and I Will’, we’ve created the first World Cancer Day AR (Augmented Reality) Facebook filter which celebrates each person’s power to make a positive impact.

The theme ‘I Am and I Will’, calls for the hero in all of us to take action - and the World Cancer Day AR filter is here to help everyone’s inner hero to shine.

Be a superhero by activating the filter through Facebook, and control and activate the filter elements by speaking up and sharing your own ‘I Am and I Will’ message.

This 4 February, inspire the world with your ‘I Am and I Will’ message and show everyone that we don’t need to be superhuman to be heroes in the fight against cancer.

What you’ll need:

• iOS or Android Smartphone

• Facebook app on your phone

Follow these steps:

1. Click on the AR Filter link: 

2. You’ll receive a notification on your mobile phone to open up the filter in Facebook

3. Create your own superhero video or photo and share your ‘I Am and I Will’ message using the filter. (Top tip: raise your eyebrows to change masks!) 

4. Share, share, share: post it on Facebook as a post or story with the official hashtags: #WorldCancerDay and #IAmAndIWill to your posts

5. Spread it further: save your photo or video to your camera roll and share to Instagram, WhatsApp, email, Twitter, YouTube…

6. Feeling brave? You can even broadcast on Facebook Live with the filter 

7. Can’t get enough? Try on all three masks and share more than one video or photo.


Download the Social Media guide

World Cancer Day Facebook Filter