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Create a future without cancer.

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Understanding Cancer

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Understanding Cancer

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World Cancer Day is an inclusive platform for voices from all corners of the world, including the remotest areas.

Sutapa Biswas
Executive Director, Cancer Foundation of India

As proud Champion sponsors of World Cancer Day and a UICC partner, we will continue to listen and learn about inequities today and every day to improve cancer care.

Chip Romp
Executive Vice President, Commercial, Seagen

World Cancer Day is a powerful opportunity to speak out, to call for action, to listen to cancer patients and their families, and to give them a voice.

Ana Fernández-Marcos
Director of Advocacy, Institutional Affairs & Strategic Alliances Spanish Association Against Cancer and Executive Board Member, Association of European Cancer Leagues (ECL)

The American Cancer Society’s vision is a world without the pain and suffering of cancer. World Cancer Day helps bring home the message to all Americans and everyone around the world that where you live shouldn’t determine if you live.

Ambassador Sally G. Cowal
Senior Vice President, Global Cancer Control, American Cancer Society, Inc.

This World Cancer Day, we are helping to put the original C Word—Cancer—back in the spotlight. The pandemic has impacted progress and exacerbated existing disparities in cancer care. Now is the time for the world to come together to close the gap and to create a better normal of cancer care, not just a new normal.

Dr Susanne Schaffert
President Novartis Oncology, Novartis 

World Cancer Day reminds us of the global emergency that is cancer and how each of us play our part in controlling the disease.

Ebele Mbanugo, Ed.D
Founder/Executive Director, Run For a Cure Africa

All the hundreds of activities organised on World Cancer Day happen in almost every corner of the globe. World Cancer Day has become the most amplified and impactful global platform for all cancer patients and advocates - a platform where we can all make noise, lots of noise, reminding all that we can win the war on cancer.

HRH Princess Dina Mired of Jordan

World Cancer Day is an excellent platform that has given us the opportunity to raise greater awareness about the cause and further galvanise the community to come together in the collective fight against cancer.

Albert Ching
CEO, Singapore Cancer Society

People living with cancer, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, or socioeconomic status, should be able to access the cancer therapies right for them. If we do not eliminate the barriers to widespread access to innovation in cancer biology, prevention, and treatment, real victory in the War on Cancer cannot be realized. The solutions are complex, which is why we are glad to partner with UICC and World Cancer Day to raise awareness and address these challenges. Together and across sectors, we can push towards a fairer, more equitable future for people living with cancer. 

Charles Fuchs
Senior Vice President - Global Head of Hematology and Oncology Product Development, Roche

World Cancer Day has provided us with the opportunity to engage with many actors globally, reinforcing the power of a united cancer community working towards a world without cancer.

Dr. Maira Caleffi
Volunteer President, FEMAMA

Collaboration will be key to achieving cancer care equity. At MSD, we will continue to engage with the entire cancer community, including health care professionals, patients, advocacy groups and policymakers, to inform our efforts to close the care gap

Arpa Garay
President, global oncology and digital, MSD

World Cancer Day offers an opportunity to celebrate and recognize the collaborative efforts of stakeholders across the health care landscape to address the growing burden of cancer. It is a time to showcase how through meaningful collaboration, we are accelerating the discovery and development of innovative medicines for patients with unmet needs, tackling barriers to healthcare access in pursuit of global health equity, and ultimately doing more to improve patient outcomes across the globe.

Amadou Diarra
Senior Vice President, Global Policy & Government Affairs, BMS

As a sponsor for World Cancer Day, we believe that your health matters, no matter your age. As a part of our When Cancer Grows Old™ initiative, Sanofi is collaborating with the global cancer community, including advocates and healthcare providers around the world, to give people with cancer the best possible chance to grow older.

Vanina Laurent-Ledru
Vice President of Global Public Affairs, Sanofi Specialty Care, SANOFI
Thank you to our partners