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Understanding Cancer

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Understanding Cancer

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Each of us has a personal story that connects us to cancer, making it a driving force behind World Cancer Day.

Dr. Roger Dansey
SVP, Global Oncology Clinical Research MSD

World Cancer Day presents a unique occasion to rally our employees globally around an important cause and message.

Maya Martinez-Davis
Global Head of Oncology, Merck

World Cancer Day is an inclusive platform for voices from all corners of the world, including the remotest areas.

Sutapa Biswas
Executive Director, Cancer Foundation of India

World Cancer Day is a powerful opportunity to speak out, to call for action, to listen to cancer patients and their families, and to give them a voice.

Ana Fernández-Marcos
Director, Institutional Affairs & Strategic Alliances Spanish Association Against Cancer

World Cancer Day helps us to bring the message to our children to stay active, lead healthy lifestyles and not to be afraid.

Angela Boulton
School Business Manager, Rainford Brook Lodge

This World Cancer Day, we can make a difference for millions of people everywhere by committing to actions that will reduce the global threat of the disease.

Gary Reedy
CEO, American Cancer Society

It's important for BMS to support World Cancer Day and to partner with organizations such as UICC to help advance the voice of patients and what they value most around the world.

Catharine Trzaskawka
Head of Global Advocacy, Bristol-Myers Squibb

At Merck, we are proud to partner with the UICC to recognize World Cancer Day. Each year, our colleagues around the world unite to demonstrate our ongoing commitment to the oncology community and advance cancer care for patients worldwide.

James Campbell
Global Head of Oncology Franchise, Merck

Our support for World Cancer Day will help elevate the need for access to early detection and diagnosis, as an enabler to precise treatment. On behalf of Diaceutics, I am honored to be a part of this effort and I will relentlessly drive better testing.

Peter Keeling
CEO, Diaceutics

It is not enough to simply develop a great medicine. I am a Pharma leader and I will commit to improving the diagnosis and treatment of cancer for patients all over the world. Working with other healthcare partners to realise the promise of a better tomorrow.

Jörg Rupp
Director, Roche Pharma International

Astellas is proud to support UICC in its efforts to inspire and empower people to take action to fight cancer on World Cancer Day and every day.

Dr. Peter Sandor
Vice President, Head of Oncology Therapeutic Area Marketing Strategy, Astellas

We are dedicated to transforming science into value for patients, and this sense of obligation informs everything we do. We are proud sponsors of the UICC efforts in bringing “treatments to all” and awareness for World Cancer Day on February 4.

Antoine Yver MD MSc
Exec VP Global Head Oncology RD, Daiichi Sankyo

Cancer is one of the greatest health challenges of our time and we stand united with those facing cancer and their families. Together, let’s work to create a world without cancer.

Julie L. Gerberding, M.D., M.P.H.
Executive Vice President & Chief Patient Officer, MSD

The American Cancer Society’s vision is a world without the pain and suffering of cancer. World Cancer Day helps bring home the message to all Americans and everyone around the world that where you live shouldn’t determine if you live.

Sally Cowal
Senior Vice President, Global Cancer Control, American Cancer Society, Inc.

World Cancer Day reminds us of the global emergency that is cancer and how each of us play our part in controlling the disease.

Ebele Mbanugo, Ed.D
Founder/Executive Director, Run For a Cure Africa

World Cancer Day unites the cancer community and showcases the global commitment to accelerate efforts to ensure equitable access to high-quality cancer care for everyone.

Cynthia Morton
Chief Executive Officer, Canadian Partnership Against Cancer

World Cancer Day is an excellent platform that has given us the opportunity to raise greater awareness about the cause and further galvanise the community to come together in the collective fight against cancer.

Albert Ching
CEO, Singapore Cancer Society

World Cancer Day has provided us with the opportunity to engage with many actors globally, reinforcing the power of a united cancer community working towards a world without cancer.

Dr. Maira Caleffi
Volunteer President, FEMAMA

World Cancer Day is a powerful single event that extends its consequences throughout the whole year. The ‘I Am and I Will’ campaign has a strong message that empowers people, engaging them in an amazing level of commitment, raising collective awareness concerning cancer prevention.

Cristiana Fonseca
Portuguese League Against Cancer

Through World Cancer Day we’ve built a community of supporters worldwide, that ensures more people are getting a message that needs to be heard

Leidys Dayibis Márquez Suárez – Gigi
I am and I will